About Tajikistan

Where is Tajikistan?

It’s in Central Asia, bordering Afghanistan, China, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan.  We are flying in via a Baltic state and it’s too far!

Map of Tajikistan (UN)

10 Quick Facts:

  1. Similar in size to the UK.
  2. 6 million people live there.
  3. The capital is Dushanbe.
  4. Highest Mountains in Central Asia.
  5. After the fall of the USSR, Tajiks battled each other in a 5 year civil war.
  6. Tajikistan won 2 medals at the last Olympics.
  7. Alexander the Great made it as far as Tajikistan.
  8. The Nurek Dam is the tallest in the world.
  9. Agriculture accounts for 60% of employment.
  10. Lots of stews, mutton, flat bread and green tea.

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